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  • Everett’s Cat

    What if it was Everett and not Schrödinger who thought of the cat?

    A woman visits her little sister on Halloween. But it is no ordinary visit.

    Published in Nature Futures on Aug. 5, 2020.

  • The Lead Role

    What is your role in the universal grid?

    The Lead Role is a sci-fantasy collection of short stories based on the theater, that addresses the outreach of a supposedly insignificant action. It follows portions of ten seemingly independent characters’ lives. The underlying web that connects the stories is not only depicted in words, but in special design elements across the pages of the book.

  • Quantum Kittens

    Cats love the extraordinary.

    From marbles that are red and blue at the same time to feathers that spontaneously appear and disappear, the cat world is a little funkier than ours.  This illustrated dive into their world aims to explain the concepts of quantum physics, and how these properties open doors to powerful computing.


  • Biological Property

    Who does DNA belong to?

    Biological Property is an anthology of short fiction set in the near future that depicts what will happen if we do not address certain important ethical questions on this eve of a genetic revolution.

    It is currently simultaneously being pitched as a limited anthology tv series. The series co-creator is screenwriter and producer Manon de Reeper.

  • Ask the Fireflies

    What does ‘alive’ really mean?

    Ask the Fireflies is a far future short story set on a mining planet. Even though it takes place far away in time and space, it grapples with questions and concepts relevant today.