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Science in entertainment not only stirs interest and enthusiasm for the sciences, it opens doors to powerful storytelling. I help creators harness authentic science as a creative tool, aiming for what I like to call ‘believable un-believability’ in fiction. I advise on screenplays, novels, and other entertainment/media projects, and am a member of the Hollywood organization Women of Color Unite (WOCU).

My work lies in the early stages of a project, during writing and ideation. I’ve guided numerous creators on their screenplays, short stories and book series, and have been an advisor on technical advertisements for Lenovo.

For those of you who want to incorporate quantum physics in your stories, or are looking for writing prompts and inspiration, check out my free resource: The Sci-fi Writer’s Guide to Quantum Physics.


  • Rapid-fire World-building Session:  A brainstorming session to flesh out the science/technology system of your fictional world. The session consists of rapid-fire questions to help you think on your feet and get your creative juices flowing. Time: 1 hour session via voice or video call.
  • Manuscript Evaluation: Assessment of your science/technology system through believability testing. My report includes identification of holes such as potential paradoxes for time travel stories, and sci-fi cliches such as radiation yielding superpowers. Additionally, I pose questions and raise ideas related to potential avenues you may want to explore to further solidify your system and make it more believable. Time: 3-5 days.
  • In-depth R&D: Research and development for a specific topic in order to create and build your science/technology system. This consists of my conducting in-depth research via reputable sources such as scientific journals, and communicating with subject matter experts when required. Time: a few weeks to a few months, depending on the project and scope of work.

For quote requests, please include a link to the project pitch.