Research Interest Areas


  • theoretical quantum physics and computing: quantum algorithms, quantum games;
  • science communication, education, and outreach


  • foundations of quantum physics, temporal correlations, non-locality;
  • soft computing: neural networks, fuzzy systems, quantum-inspired soft systems

Quantum Apps

The D&D μStarter Kit

This is a helper tool for players of Dungeons and Dragons. Roll dice, generate a character with an ad-libbed one-line backstory, or play a complete ad-libbed D&D scene! The D&D μStarter Kit makes use of quantum computing for randomness and ad-libs, alongside user inputs. This generator is based on the D&D 5E Player’s Handbook.


  • A character generator that provides a race, class, name, and a one-line ad-libbed backstory
  • A dice roller to determine ability scores or to use during gameplay
  • An ad-libbed D&D scene

App link:

Github repo:

Made with Soham Pal.


Quantum Writing Prompt Generator

This app was made for Gotham Writers’ Workshop. It provides a writing prompt of the form “A <character> who <situation>.” randomly generated by a quantum computer.

App link:

Github repo:

Made with Soham Pal.



  • PhD in Theoretical Quantum Physics: “Elements of Non-classicality in Multi-level Systems
    • 2018 – Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi & Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Agra
  • MPhil. in Computer Science: “Soft and Quantum-inspired Hybrid Models for Function Approximation and Pattern Classification” 
    • 2009 – Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Agra
  • MSc. in Computer Science: “A Study of Fuzzy-Rough Attribute Reduction and Quantum Fuzzy-Neural Networks”
    • 2008 – Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Agra



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