The Physicist Facet

My primary research interest lies in quantum computing, and I have a PhD in theoretical quantum physics. Prior to going quantum I went soft; I have a Master’s and MPhil in soft computing, and worked as part of CERN’s ALICE group to help design a forward calorimeter through fuzzy clustering techniques.

These days, my focus has shifted to scientific outreach. My personal goal is to “demystify science for the masses,” that is, make science friendly, fun, and accessible for non-technical audiences. I am a columnist on the long-form independent film magazine Film Inquiry, where I bridge the gap between science fiction in popular culture and real-life science. I was also the first science contributor to the popular Indian news website The Quint.

While I adore writing about anything sci-tech, I have a particular fondness for quantum computing outreach. I am in the process of publishing a light-hearted book on quantum computing for the general population called Quantum Kittens. Additionally, my comprehensive catalog of quantum resources, The Quantum Catalog, is available for free.

The Scientific Adviser Facet

Science in entertainment not only stirs interest and enthusiasm for the sciences, it opens doors to powerful storytelling. I help creators harness authentic science as a creative tool, aiming for what I like to call ‘believable un-believability’ in fiction. I advise on screenplays, novels, and other entertainment/media projects, and am a member of the Hollywood organization Women of Color Unite (WOCU).

My work lies in the early stages of a project, during writing and ideation. I’ve guided numerous creators on their screenplays, short stories and book series, and have been an adviser on technical advertisements for Lenovo.

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The Writer Facet

I’ve been telling stories since I learned how to talk, and likely even before I learned how to talk, but no one could understand what I was saying. I dabble in both non-fiction and speculative fiction, and enjoy writing about science, popular culture, and the human experience.

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The Creative Facet

During my PhD years in Delhi, I sought creative outlets. I created a book club,  hosted Doctor Who screenings, and founded a small design studio that focused on designing and manufacturing lifestyle items and events that reflect people’s obsessions from popular culture to pets. My themed events had sponsors like BMW and Harper Collins, India.

The Personal Facet

I’m an amateur cosplayer who loves an excuse to play make believe — is it any wonder I love science fiction? I’ve dabbled in theater, enjoy playing Dungeons & Dragons, relish losing myself in books, and love building homes in The Sims 4. When my head isn’t in the clouds, I enjoy dancing, yoga, and irritating my three beautiful cats! I was born and raised in the United States, and currently live in India.