2021 Awards Eligibility

Hello and welcome! I am Radha Pyari Sandhir, and I write speculative fiction as “R. P. Sand“. My writing through-lines include grief, trauma, mental health, and (often non-romantic) love. I manage to slip in a cat or two every so often as well. How exciting it is to be able to make my second ever awards eligibility post! It’s been a tough year, but I managed to do some fun things.

This is the second year I’m eligible for the Astounding Award.

Here’s a quick bib of my 2021 work:

Scroll down to learn about each of these!

Note: If you have time to look at only one, I recommend The Last Civilian.

The Last Civilian by R. P. Sand

Clarkesworld, Jan. 2021, Issue #172

The Last Civilian is eligible for the Nebula, Hugo, Locus, etc. awards in the novelette category.

Category: Novelette

Word Count: ~7600

[Link to story]

[Link to the podcast version]

First line: You blink into existence, and the first thing you hear is: We are at war with the Uilai. The Uilai must be eliminated.


What some lovely people had to say about it:

The Last Civilian made the 2021 Locus Recommended Reading List!

The Last Civilian made A. C. Wise’s Favorites of 2021 list!




The review from Quick Sip Reviews:

A rather haunting story of cloning and war, and a soldier who yearns for a better way.

You can find the review here.

Spoiler-free snippet of the review from SFRevu:

On the planet Uiloolea, there is a war between humans who crashed there and the indigenous species, the Uilai, who are telepathic. […] A touching, poignant tale.

For the complete review with spoilers, please click here.


Rat Tail Tea and Buttermilk Biscuits by R. P. Sand

Constelación Magazine, October 2021, Issue #2

Rat Tail Tea and Buttermilk Biscuits is eligible for the Nebula and Hugo awards in the short story category.

Category: Short Story

Word Count: ~1200

[Link to issue, not free to read online]

First line: My dear little Spiviteth, I trust this letter finds you well, that your award-winning warts are ever taut and unrelenting, and that you are not actually as little as my salutation would imply; I’ve always said, “skinny witches are duplicitous bitches.”

For an awards-reading copy, please contact me.

Spoiler-free snippet from Quick Sip Reviews:

This epistolary story is written one witch to another regarding the narrator’s/sender’s…situation with a new neighbor. […] A delightful and rather hilarious read!

You can find the complete review here.

Spoiler-free snippet from Maria’s Reading:

A hugely enjoyable epistolary story, written as a letter from one witch to another, detailing the acrimonious one-upmanship that is triggered when a witch called Isabeth moves into the small town where the witch Portitia Wimbleduck has chosen to retire […]”

You can find the complete review here.



The Photonic Trail

A web-based educational game published on QPlayLearn.

This is the first game I’ve ever written! The Photonic Trail is an immersive quantum optics single-player fantasy game that allows anyone from beginners to seasoned pros inculcate quantum optics concepts through game play. It is a treasure hunt with six missions that span the basics of quantum optics.

I was responsible for: the concept and stories, art direction, building the UI, and part of the physics.

Full credits:

Radha Pyari Sandhir (Concept, Stories & World Building, Physics)
Sibel Kantola (Art & World Building)
Caterina Foti (Physics)
Daria Attila (Physics)
Quantum Flytrap team: Piotr Migdał, Klem Jankiewicz, Paweł Grabarz

Each mission is a locked webpage. If you’d like to read through the stories, I’ve written the password in white-simply highlight them!


Thank you for your consideration!

Please feel free to take a look at my other published writing and works in progress here.

And find me on Twitter at @RadhaPyari!


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