Scientific Adviser | Writer | Physicist

Theoretical quantum physicist turned scientific adviser for literary/entertainment/media projects. Passionate about science communication and outreach. Writes fiction as “R. P. Sand.” Also harbors love for cats, coffee, and colorful socks.
  • Hello! Welcome to my little corner of the internet. I’m Radha. I have a PhD in theoretical quantum physics.

    As a scientific advisor, I help sci-fi creators harness science to bring their stories to life.

    As a writer, I bridge the gap between sci-fi and real science, explain quantum concepts in layperson terms, and create speculative fiction as “R. P. Sand.”

    As a physicist, I’m interested in quantum computing and outreach. My latest journal publication is on quantum key distribution.

    If you’re here to learn about quantum physics and computing check out my free resource: The Quantum Catalog!

    To learn more about me, head on over to my About page, or check out my CV.


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